‘Beth’ rememberance bear made using a dress and cardigan

Here is the beautiful Beth bear.


When I published  the photo of my first bear ‘Lily’ on Facebook, Natalie was one of my first friends to comment.  She asked if I would make her a remembrance bear using her beautiful daughter’s clothing who she has sadly lost age 12.  I messaged her back to say I would be honoured to be trusted  to transform Beth’s precious clothing.

Beth wearing dress

The dress held precious memories for Natalie and her family, so they has kept it stored safely, in a cupboard.


We also used a lovely cream cardigan and a floral scarf, the fabric’s complimented each other perfectly.


I was sure to include all of the lovely details, including the pockets from the dress on the body of the bear, and the oversized buttons from the cardigan added even more character to the bear.

Beth Collage

Natalie was so delighted with the finished bear. The family can now enjoy having the gorgeous bear on display for years to come, instead of having the clothing tucked away in a draw.  I absolutely loved making this bear and handing it over to her new family xxx

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